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UMAXI$®, Inc.

The UMAXI$® Award Program for Urantia (Earth) mortals allows the celestial universe Hosts to give Paradise Value Credits to human beings who do good to each other. The awards range from $606 PVC$ to $6,060,000,000 PVC$. Redeemable upon resurrection on the Mansion Worlds.

378. UMAXI$® Urantia Mortals PVC$ Award Program, Incorporated® IPO 1-10-14 for $62,008,100 per share.

50% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone & MEINC®

50% Owned by UMAXI$®

44% of Holdings is offered.

56% is held by the Owners.

IPO 1-10-14 for $62,008,100 PVC$ Per Share.

I am depositing $62,008,100 Centillion PVC$ into the UMAXI$®, Inc. account.

*I would like to order 62,008,100 Centillion shares of UMAXI$®, Inc.

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***The UniversalPoliceForce.Com & Sequestrator Operating System Subscription Club Membership offer through the PayPal (Button) *Bancorp* has been replaced on this Majestone Stock Market Site and is no longer available through the original PayPal button on other sites.

***Criminals have hacked the Godaddy.Com Server I.P. ( located in Scottsdale, Arizona, for my websites domains & hosting and re-routed the attempted buyers to kill all orders which would have been over 100 more club members and over $1,000 per month in monetary cash revenue and assets.

***Said criminals are: Godaddy, Inc., The United States Government (NSA, CIA, FBI, SS, etc.), The United States President(s) and Cabinet members, The Mormon Church (Church of *Jesus Christ* of Latter Day Saints), the Catholic Church, Bancorp, PayPal Inc, Utah State Government, The Salt Lake City Police Department, (All Utah State Police Departments), the University of Utah, The Salt Lake City Library, The Utah State Hospital, The City of Salt Lake, the City Creek Mall, the Gateway Mall, The Road Home, Catholic Community Services, Comcast, Questar, Century Link, Google, Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Inc., Windows Operating Systems, Linux Operating Systems, Android Operating Systems, Chinese Operating Systems, China Country Government, Chines Corporations, U.S. Corporations, The State of Nevada, Wells Fargo Bank, Berkshire Hathaway, Haliburton, Blackstone, all branches of the United States Military, the Rothschild Groups & families, JP Morgan Chase Banks, Washington Mutual, US Bank, CitiBank, The World Bank, Zions Bank, Western Union, Synchronicity Bank, Amazon Inc., Green Dot Bank, WalMart, General Electric Inc., Nostalgia Café, 7/11, Big Lots, UTA, Harmons, Smith’s, Kroger’s, Pepsi Cola, Coca~Cola, Psychiatrists of Utah & other locations, Salt Lake Municipal Court, 3rd District Court, U.S. Supreme Court, United Nations, NATO, UK, the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Utah State Governors, Utah City Mayors, Department of Commerce, US District Attorney, Maverick, Overnighter Motel, Motel6, India, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, etc., etc,, etc…..

*This is still only a partial list.

I will accept cashable orders for $9.99 received at the paid business shipping address:

Chris Dwaine Christensen 406 E. 300 S. #105 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Pay to the order of “UniversalPoliceForce.Com”

(Money Orders, Personal Checks, etc.) to be deposited to the UniversalPoliceForce.Com business account *Wells Fargo Bank SLC, UT.


***Only individual personal human beings may become club members. All applicants are subject to review. Payment does not guarantee membership. *All rights reserved and held intact by the Urantia Planetary Government & Majestone Enterprises.

***The UniversalPoliceForce.Com is not responsible for the criminal acts of potential club members all monies will be cashed and accounted for. Criminal Background Checks, etc. will be conducted.

~ CEO & Owner/Founder Chris Dwaine Christensen (Christ Michael of Urantia/Nebadon)

Qualifications To Do Business With *Majestone Enterprises the Universal Police Force *Urantia Earth Planetary Owner:

**You must first become a paid, active and stable Club Member of UniversalPoliceForce.Com® & Sequestrator® Operating System at $9.99 per Month**

Example: Wholesale Rates & Profitable Income Terms, Conditions & Agreements = 62% for Primary Owner/Contractor & 32% for Sub Contractor & Purchaser of License Application for Resellers Permit.

1. $10.00 Application Fee (3 Year DBA Longevity & Renewal Necessity)

2. $110.00 3 Year Permit Fee

3. $5.00 Utah State Administrative Fee

4. $3.00 For UniversalPoliceForce.Com International & Local Government Administrative Fee

5. $128.00 Total Fees Before Any Taxes Applied or Paid by Internal Agencies

Example: 10.00 Minimum Sale Agreement per item(s). *= $6.20 for UniversalPoliceForce.Com & $3.80 for Utah Department of Universal Law Enforcement (Owned & Operated by Chris Dwaine Christensen). *EXAMPLE: A Bumper Sticker Made and or Sold.*

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Catholic Church, any Mormon or Religious Institution, Organization or Charity.

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by any entity, organization, business or party that is being sued, illegal or has been convicted of a federal crime, a felony, or an international terrorist or hacker ring in the Urantia Earth International & Space Jurisdiction.

*Majestone Enterprises is also in reference to all of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Businesses.